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A Jones

About 20 years ago, following a road traffic accident, I had considerable pain and discomfort in my neck. Not wanting to take medication for a long period, I registered at Bridgend Osteopathic Clinic to be treated by Mr. Ian Griffiths, Registered Osteopath. During my first appointment, my symptoms were carefully and professionally recorded, and I was made aware of clinic procedures and treatment costs.

After three or four weekly visits my symptoms eased considerably and on Ian’s advice, I was able to regulate my appointments to fortnightly, then three weekly visits, or even monthly, as required. As time went on, I found that not only did he treat the neck injury, but increasingly advised on preventative measures and my whole body health, which improved my feeling of well-being considerably.

Since my initial registration at the clinic, I have been treated, over time, for other minor shoulder, elbow, knee and lower back ligament problems, and very importantly, treatment and control of lymphoedema following major surgery. During my appointment visits, I feel confident to ask questions about my treatment and to ask advice on possible exercises to help recovery of that particular condition. Ian will also advise on frequency of treatment visits when necessary.

In conclusion, I have no doubt that my regular visits to Bridgend Osteopathic Clinic with Ian Griffiths, over the years, has relieved me from having to take continuous pain relief medication for discomfort; and has certainly improved my quality of life.

A Jones

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