Osteopathic clinics in Llanelli and Bridgend, South Wales
  Llanelli: 01554 755772
  Bridgend: 01656 646446

Book an Osteopathic Appointment

Please use the form below to book an osteopathic appointment at either our Bridgend or Llanelli Clinic. Both our osteopathic clinics have a relaxed and supportive environment. Please let us know your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment.

Alternatively, you can call the Llanelli Osteopathic Clinic on: 01554 755772, or the Bridgend Osteopathic Clinic on: 01656 646446.
You can also email us directly on info@iangriffithsclinics.com

"89% of patients reported an improvement in their symptoms one week after osteopathic treatment and 93% reported an improvement in symptoms at 6 weeks post-treatment."

Patient Reported Outcome Measures
National Data Collection Study
National Council Osteopathic Research, 2017

Patients attending our osteopathic clinics in Llanelli and Bridgend are from all walks of life and can age from newborns to over 90 years of age. Although most all the patients that attend our clinics are from South and Mid Wales, we do treat a number that travel from further afield.

We are very grateful to have treated tens of thousands of patients at our osteopathic clinics over the years.

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