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Andrea Garrington
Vale of Glamorgan

Dear Ian, I wanted to write to thank you for the treatment I have received from you over the past 2 years.

After visiting several different professionals from orthopaedic surgeons to acupuncturists (and everyone in between!) a colleague of mine recommended you for my chronic back pain.

I recall very clearly that within l0 minutes of your examination you confidently told me that the problem lay with my psoas (my what?!). After 15 years of consultations, examinations, X-Rays and general prodding from a wide spectrum of specialists – this word ‘psoas’ had never been uttered.

You started treatment that day, sending me home with specific stretches.

After follow up consultations and continued stretching, the pain has disappeared, allowing me to return to running (something I had not enjoyed pain free for almost 2 decades). Now, when I start to feel that stiffness bubbling – I stretch and the pain is instantly relieved.

I am so grateful to you for remedying this – as it really changed my life…..

As I returned to running, I began to compete in triathlons. After a few years I started to train for the Ironman distance. I owe my ability to partake in such an amazing physical challenge to you. You have treated every niggle, Achilles, hamstring, neck, shoulders, even what I thought was an intestinal stitch (it was a small inter-coastal tear). You are a key member of the group of people who help me achieve the physical goals I set myself.

I would highly recommend you to anyone who has pain (even if potential patients don’t think it is skeletal or muscular - it may well be the root cause).

Andrea Garrington
Vale of Glamorgan

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