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Carol and Alan Moir
Tenby Pembrokeshire

Osteopathy at the Felinfoel practice of Ian Griffiths, we have found invaluable over the years, in rectifying both minor, run of the mill injuries and more complicated physical problems, trauma’s and pain relief.

Many of which, osteopathic treatment has been able to either correct in most instances whilst in other cases, vastly improve and maintain, to enable a meaningful and good quality of life without resort to continual medication or surgery. It is also enlightening to note that it’s not all clunk-click either!

Ian tailors treatment to the individual, using a variety of techniques including much more gentle methods, healing energy and cranial osteopathy as well as the more traditional methods.

All the family (and many friends) have used the service over the years and have reason to be thankful to Ian, for his skills and expertise in osteopathy.

We can therefore confidently and enthusiastically, recommend osteopathy for all.

Carol and Alan Moir
Tenby Pembrokeshire

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