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Jamie Kimpton

I have struggled for the best part of l0 years with my knees. My movement had become limited with regard to bending down on the floor, walking up stairs and doing basic movements such as squatting in the gym. I went to my GP who referred me for a scan. Nothing came back from the result so I was sent to a physiotherapist. I was sent away with a series of exercises and no real explanation as to what was wrong. Over the l0 years I have since visited the physiotherapist on two other occasions. On my last visit I was given some hope when a diagnosis was offered. I was informed that my right hip was out of alignment and had resulted in my thigh twisting inwards and my knee. The problem I was experiencing on my left was over compensation of the right leg. Yet again I was offered a series of exercises to do at home and advised not to wear high heels.

My partner had previously visited Ian Griffiths the osteopath and recommended that I do the same. After having a consultation and thorough examination, I was told that the problems I was experiencing was largely because of the tension of my thigh muscles. I was told that my thigh muscles were extremely tight and it was this which was causing me so much pain and discomfort. A course of treatment was offered which would involve trying to loosen these muscles.

I left the consultation feeling that perhaps finally the true cause of my problem had been identified and that what I was hearing finally made sense. I began a course of treatment which initially was every other week (half hourly sessions). I noticed a difference almost immediately. Nine months on I would say that I am 80% better than I was and simple things like walking up stairs and sitting in the car for long periods of time no longer present a problem. I feel that I am going from strength to strength. Without my visit to Ian I really don’t know where I would be now. I only wish I had been advised to make an appointment some years ago.

Without a doubt I would definitely recommend people visit an Osteopath whenever they experience problems with their body.

Jamie Kimpton

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