Osteopathic clinics in Llanelli and Bridgend, South Wales
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Osteopathic clinic testimonial

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Jo Lewis

I have been using Ian Griffith’s Bridend Osteopath Clinic, when needed, for many years, firstly with chronic lower back and sciatica pain and then over the years treatment on my neck, knee, ankle and hip, the treatment is always highly effective and allows me the confidence that I can continue to walk miles of coastal path I enjoy. Over the last several years I have learnt not to wait until I am in pain but to have a few preventative sessions every few months to avoid restrictive flare ups.

Also last year I had a complicated tooth extraction which left me with severe headaches and jaw pain. After many of weeks of being in pain I went to the clinic to see if Ian could help. After a few sessions the pain had reduced dramatically, I only wish I had gone earlier.

Jo Lewis

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