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Jody Klaire
Mid Glamorgan

Osteopathy combines the best of modern medical science with a holistic approach that works with the customer’s needs and seeks to provide the right environment to enable faster healing, ease the pain in chronic conditions and promote better health.

Cranial osteopathy takes that one step further and can alleviate and sometimes hugely improve the patients quality of life even if experiencing chronic issues such as migraines etc., all through encouraging the body’s circulation and lymphatic systems in a sound medical manner. Cranial osteopathy is so gentle, it is safe to perform on anyone from babies to the elderly.

It is without doubt that osteopathy and especially its cranial aspects, has enabled me to battle several major health conditions. I recommend it highly to anyone who has chronic conditions of any kind that need help and even better to anyone who is seeking to enhance their health.

Osteopathy works with medical science not against it. It is a safe practice and Ian is exceptional in his field in my opinion. I thank him in every book I publish because his tireless, patient, highly experienced methods make sure I can keep writing and keep improving. Ian and his staff are exceptionally warm and caring. It’s clear that making people better is their passion and with Ian, you are in safe hands.

Jody Klaire
Mid Glamorgan

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