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Michael H Davies B.Sc

I have played sport all my life, particularly squash and cricket (keeping wicket), but the constant bending and jarring over a prolonged period resulted in severe sciatica and back pain by the age of 40.

I sought medical advice and M.R.I scans revealed that two disc pads in my lower back had been worn down. I was advised that the problem might be resolved by an operation, which was a procedure I was reluctant to undertake. I continued taking high doses of pain killers (which resulted in several side effects) and visited several chiropractors and physiotherapists with little effect.

In 1996 I was advised to consult Ian Griffiths an osteopath in Felinfoel. Ian was able to identify an imbalance in my back muscles. By performing a series of manipulations and recommending a regime of core strengthening exercises I saw an immediate improvement.

Over the past 21 years I have continued to receive treatment periodically if my back gives me discomfort. I am always confident that Ian has built up an in-depth knowledge of my body and exercise patterns.

This holistic approach has enabled me, at the age of 63, to undertake regular daily exercise which enhances my lifestyle whilst also keeping wicket at a high level. I will always be grateful to Ian and regularly recommend him to other people (especially sports people), always with positive results.

Michael H Davies B.Sc

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