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I have always led an active non-work life, largely to minimise the (waistline!) effects of a deskbound working life!

Pastimes have included rugby, squash, badminton and over the past 20 + years GOLF (at least twice a week) plus DIY and providing the ‘manpower’ in my wife’s garden! All have attracted their fair share of injuries – some serious most not needing hospitalisation. About 25 years ago after suffering a frozen shoulder for several weeks – my GP (out of exasperation) suggested that I try an osteopath. That’s when the Ian Griffiths Clinic stepped in, 3 sessions later NO FROZEN SHOULDER!

Every since, I have been a regular (but not too frequent) patient. Pulled muscles, lower back pain, stiff joints and in recent years similar age-related ‘irritations’ have all been the subject of Ian’s magic manipulations! From being a sceptic initially, I have long since been a supporter of Osteopathy and of my frequent ‘MOTs’ with Ian. And most whom I have introduced to the clinic have become ‘regulars’ too. Try it, it works for me and I’m sure it will at least help you.


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