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Robert and Carol Ann Williams

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my local Osteopath, Mr. Ian Griffiths and would also intend for this to serve as a general testimony for the profession as a whole.

My name is Robert Williams and I have been a patient of the Ian Griffiths Osteopathic clinic in Llanelli for over 25 years. I consulted Ian initially after a delayed reaction following a road traffic accident. The condition was diagnosed as a herniated disc in my lower back and the symptoms were severely debilitating and extremely painful. I was unhappy with the advice/treatment given by my own GP which consisted of painkillers and not much else and I was concerned that the cause of the problem was not being dealt with.

The treatment and advice I received from Ian Griffiths made a real difference and I have been a regular visitor to the clinic ever since.

Over the years they have treated me for a variety of conditions, ranging from treatment after two knee cartilage operations to frozen shoulder and neck tension ailments attributed to my work environment. The latter giving rise to restricted movement and regular headaches.

Diagnosis and treatment for these ailments was swift and very successful and I would recommend anyone with similar conditions visit their local Osteopath.

Robert Williams

My wife Carol Ann Williams is also a patient at the Ian Griffiths Clinic and she would like to add her testimonial as follows:

I would like to add that Ian has treated me after several injuries and with the progression of inflammatory osteoporosis. I have been a regular visitor to his clinic and have found that the treatment given eases the pain which would otherwise be intolerable. I have found his treatment of my joints and muscles affected by the inflammation both gentle and relaxing.

Carol Ann Williams

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